How to select a T-shirt Design for you?

Fit is the cornerstone of good T-shirt right? But did you know there are more other things that you can care when  selecting the perfect t-shirt design for yourself? In this article we are expecting to give you top 7 tips to select the perfect t-shirt for you.

T- shirts Tip #1 – Focus on Your Occasion

The first rule of wearing a t-shirt is knowing where and when it’s appropriate to do so.

The reality is, many functions you attend call for the good old suit and tie, or at least a long-sleeved shirt with a collar. T-shirts are an option if and only if the event is casual or specifically asked to wear casual.

It does not matter how good you look and feel confident on a specific T-shirt design, don’t wear a T-shirt to an office function or a wedding of one of your friends. Because T-shirts are designed for their own time and place. Therefore, you should respect the occasion that you are participating.

unprofessional t-shirt design
masculine vs thin body type tshirts

T- shirts Tip #2 – Know Your Body Type

Guys like Dwayne Johnson and Chris Harmsworth can rock any t-shirt designs. Unfortunately, not everyone has guns like the celebrities. So, can’t we look good in the t-shirts that we wish we could?  Of course not, but you must know the type of your body to look good in a t-shirt. The harsh reality is that it doesn’t flatter all body shapes and sizes.

If you are a large man, you must be aware of the midsection of your body which t-shirts do not hide properly. On the other hand, if you are on the skinny body type guy, a tee might accentuate the leanness of your arms and upper torso.  This is the reason why the men with fit bodies have earned their ability to look good and awesome in any t-shirt they wear. But even without a muscular body, r t-shirt can do a pretty good job of making you look good. This is more explained in next points.

T- shirts Tip #3 – Know Your Fit

A good t-shirt design must go with the shape of your body and it must not make you uncomfortable or restrict the freedom to move. You should care that much about the fit because it is a main component of style. Men’s T-shirts that perfectly fit will show case your body shape and attractiveness better than the other clothing that do not fit well.

The following guidelines will help you to select a new t-shirt

  • Select a t-shirt that does not tight around your waist and chest.
  • Do the shoulder points match the shoulder ends?
  • T-shirt sleeve should cover 1/3 of your biceps.
  • T-shirt should lightly hug the biceps.
  • T-shirt should go few inches below the belt line and cover your waistband.
baggy vs fitted men's t-shirts
V-Neck vs Crew Neck Tshirts

T- shirts Tip #4 – Know the right style

T-shirt designs available in different neck types such as crew neck and V-neck etc.

Did you know that V-neck t-shirts are definitely looking good for men who are fit? Because the v shaped of the neckline emphasizes the chest area of the person who is wearing. Moreover, they as more height and balance out the details like a narrow face or a short neck.

On the other hand, crew necks suit for men who has a thin body frame since the crew neck t-shit designs do not expose the neck as much compared to the V-neck t-shirts. Therefore, it draws less attention to your upper torso.

So, choosing the right style for you is your call. 😊 Just keep in mind not to expose your chest much and stay away from boat neck, scoop neck and deep V-neck t-shirt designs.

T- shirts Tip #5 – Quality of the fabric

The quality if the t-shirt is mainly determined by the quality of the fabric.  The material has to be awesome for you to look good on it. Two t-shirts manufactured by the two companies can be identical in design and look, but the material can be different in GSM level. 

GSM is short for grams per square meter. All fabrics have a weight, and the standard measurement for the weight and quality of fabrics i.e. grams per square meter. This number refers to the density of the fabric.

Low GSM density materials are terribly skinny and light-weight and are typically see through. the upper the GSM density the heavier the material becomes. once it comes t-shirts even supposing the next GSM material offers higher sturdiness, however once it comes t-shirts these significant materials aren’t wearable and preferred throughout summer weather.

T-shirts chosen by USA have a GSM strength of one hundred eighty. This makes the tees sufficiently dense to confirm they’re long lasting, sturdy and provide high comfort throughout summers as a high wear and through winters as an inner wear.

Thick vs Thin four T-shirts designs

T- shirts Tip #6 – Choose the right colour

Take few seconds to look at yourself in the mirror and know what colour you are. (Not the ethnicity you are and what colour is your skin).  Take a look at this spectrum below and choose the color that most matches your face and note the number below

Now explore your hair color and realize it on the spectrum below. like your skin tone, you don’t get to realize an explicit match, simply the closest color to your hair. If you’ve got a mixture of grey and coloured hair, select the amount that matches the colour of the majority of your hair. If you’re bald, select the colour that closest matches your scalp.

Now let’s continue with the number that you selected on the above two spectrums.

If your skin and hair numbers were both low, you’re on the lighter side of the spectrum. That means you should be careful with dark colored shirts and heavily saturated shirt colors. So a light blue dress shirt will work for you, but a dark navy shirt might make a jarringly stark contrast that only makes you look paler.

Now let consider the number that you selected on colour sheme.  if your skin and hair numbers were low, you’re on the lighter facet of the spectrum. meaning you ought to use caution with dark coloured T-shirt designs and heavily saturated t-shirt colours. Therefore, a light-weight blue T-shirt can work for you, however a dark navy t-shirt may build a jarringly stark distinction that solely causes you to look paler.

Moreover, keep the following details in mind and keep the t-shirts plain as much as possible.

  • Black – Fades more quickly
  • Gray – Enhance the physique if you are a well-built person

T- shirts Tip #7 – Tuck in or not?

Our advice is to tuck in only if you are wearing a jacket over your t-shirt and if not leave the tee non tucked. Because sport jackets are quite bulky with the details. Hence ticking in the t-shirts helps reduce the messy look of your total look.

Check our T-shirts designs through the following link to select the perfect match for you. 

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Tucked in t-shirt Design

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